I work for Brandt&Partner as an organizational consultant and develop software solutions for the SAP ERP system. My main activities are in the field of material management and logistics.

Among others, I am familliar with:

  • Dynpro, Reporting
  • ALV Grid and Tree
  • RTTS-Services
  • HTML Control
  • E-Mails from SAP with attachments, HTML-techniques, ICS.
  • Workflows
  • AIF Monitoring
  • Adobe Forms

Some projects I was working on were:

  • where-used-diagrams (Tree) in BOM with dynamic data integration
  • E-Mail-notifications on certain SAP events using HTML
  • Creation of HTML E-mail class
  • Object-orientated generation of HTML, SVG or XML-Files
  • Interface monitoring using AIF
  • Heatmap transaction for maintenance responsibility
  • Design and implementation of several user frontends
  • Code analysis and creation of testing scenearios for HANA migration
  • Migration of SAP Queries for HANA-DB
  • Several user manuals and technical documentations
  • Interfaces to production planning tools